The Brooke Wells 18.4 Controversy

There has been much commotion over the Brooke Wells 18.4 controversy. Her submission of her 18.4 video (which has since been removed from her YouTube account). CrossFit requires Regional competitors to submit the videos of their workouts for movement standards prior to Regionals. This particular workout has caused a bit of an uproar amongst the fans of the CrossFit Games.

Check out this video by TeamRitchey for an in-depth look at the issues at play.

Now, in all this commotion, where does HQ stand? They actually responded on Reddit, saying:

Following up on this. We took the information shared on the thread and circulated it internally. The video is shot at a poor angle, which makes review difficult. There do appear to be HSPU reps that miss the line.

In terms of the video verification following the Open: This video was submitted as a verification of capacity to complete the score submitted. These spot checks are designed to allow us to verify that athletes are capable of the work they claimed to be.

In rare, egregious cases, score adjustments based on quality of movements or massively miscounted reps can be made. It was determined that this video did not represent one of those cases.

Brooke’s video has been accepted.

A satisfying answer? Not for a lot of people. If they admit it looks like she no-repped quite a bit, why was an exception made? Other athletes undoubtedly got called out on missed reps, and their scores suffered for it. What about athletes like Jacob Heppner who were disqualified from Regional competition for not being able to meet the HSPU standard?

Bottom line, CrossFit HQ is like the Referee. If the ref makes the call, you accept it. In the end, if corners were cut, then that will be revealed as well in the Regional competitions.

This is what happens when sports grow. A larger fan-base means more critiquing eyes. Something we’ll have to get used to as the sport continues to grow. It will be interesting to see how HQ reacts with standards for Regionals.

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