The Age Group Online Qualifier starts tonight

The Age Group Online Qualifier(AGOQ) kicks off tonight at 5 PM PST Facebook Live. The AGOQ is essentially the Regionals equivalent for Masters and Teens divisions of the CrossFit Games. Just like the Open, workouts will be released online on Thursday night and athletes will have until Monday at 5 PM PST to submit their scores. Except they’ll be completing four WODs in that time period instead of just one. After all, it is a Regionals-like experience.

When first introduced in 2014, the AGOQ was only for Masters division athletes. Due to the expansion of the sport, particularly in the Masters and Teen divisions, this extra elimination round was needed before the Games. In 2018, a total of 3200 athletes across 16 age divisions around the globe will be completing the AGOQ over the next four days.

What if athletes qualify for the AGOQ & Regionals?

The big question on social media lately has revolved around this topic. Several masters and teen athletes have qualified for both the AGOQ and Regionals(36 masters qualified for both this year). If an athlete qualifies for a team or as an individual then they have to give up their Master’s spot.

Notable legends like Josh Bridges said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and are sticking to individual competition. It is definitely looking like it will be an exciting year at the Games, and for the Masters and Teen divisions, that all starts tonight!

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