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Rehband RX 5mm Knee Support


Material Quality & Durability


Warmth & Breathability


Compression & Support



  • Top quality materials and construction
  • Patented anatomical fit
  • Excellent warmth and breathability


  • Tag (may be removable)
  • Higher price-point than budget models (sold individually)
  • Will forever spoil your taste in knee sleeves


In this installment of Glycolytic Gear Reviews, we’ll be taking a look at what could be the end of your search for the perfect CrossFit knee sleeve, the Rehband 5mm sleeve.

When we think of knee sleeves for the sport of fitness, immediately most of us tend to think of one brand straight away, Rehband. Rehband has become and continues to be, the leader in the industry. For good reason as we’ll cover at the end of this review.

We reviewed a pair of their 5mm RX Knee supports, and here’s what we found.

Compression & Support

Compression is key in sleeves. These sleeves do a good job. They provide compression from the top hem all the way to the bottom. Some sleeves only seem to provide this compression in the middle of the sleeve, right around the patellar region, but these were evenly compressed throughout. Which is a feature I really like! They didn’t feel constricting or too loose at the same time.

While the sleeve didn’t “feel” like it provided an overwhelming amount of stability, there is a lot more to be explored here. Because of the design and cut of the sleeve. The sleeve itself is designed to provide adequate support, while not becoming rigid and stiff like other brand’s sleeves seem to do. Knee sleeves shouldn’t be a knee brace. This is one area I think they really shine in their products. Rehband’s goals include injury prevention, not just rehabilitation post-injury.

In my book, I would sacrifice rigidity of a sleeve, especially if that meant I wasn’t annoyed by a sleeve bunching up on me. We do hope to soon review the 7mm version of Rehband’s sleeves for that one level up on support and thickness.

Comfort & Fit

Here’s where Rehband blows other sleeves out of the water. They just fit like a knee sleeve should. They feel great on the knee. They don’t slide down at all or bunch up when the knee is bent.

They’re comfortable to wear in many types of workout scenarios. Providing much needed proprioceptive feedback to the athlete. I found I was much more sensitive, or in-tune, to my knee positioning while wearing these on squat cleans and other similar complex lifts.

Warmth & Breathability

Warmth is a very important element of the perfect knee sleeves. The warmth a neoprene sleeve provides is a crucial reason why knee sleeves are so popular and useful in many CrossFit workouts. The breaks between heavy knee-intensive movements mean that the knees can cool down between sets and movements. It’s ideal to keep the knees warm throughout the entire workout so you don’t have to re-warm the joint.

Not only do knee sleeves provide extra insulation, keeping your knees warm and in top condition to hit that next heavy set of snatches, it also improves blood flow to the knee. More blood means more oxygen.

On the flipside, some knee sleeves can provide a superb amount of warmth, but not a lot of breathability. This means you’re even more of a hot sweaty mess at the end of the WOD … specifically around your knees.

This is an area where the Rehband knee sleeves really stood out for me. In the various workouts and movements I used them in, they provided ample amount of warmth, without sacrificing breathability. Which for me is a huge selling feature! I tend to run pretty hot during a workout and sweat a lot in sleeves, so any piece of equipment that can help my workout, without making me more of a sweaty pig is worth its weight in gold.


The price is generally the higher barrier to entry for a lot of good knee sleeves. However (and this is a big however), you do really get what you pay for with these, and they’re worth the price, plus more. If price really is a major part of your decision I would just say this. It may be worth considering saving up the additional cost for these, instead of settling for a pair that is sub-par in quality and won’t be used often.

In my gear choices. I would much rather spend more on a higher quality item than spend less for something I won’t use. It’s hard to explain the math on that one, but I think it makes logical sense.

Bottom line. These are more expensive (sometimes only marginally) than other brands of sleeves. However, you’ll love to pull them on, and will get your money’s worth out of them in the long run so they are more than worth the investment.

Material Quality & Durability

I am always impressed with Rehband’s durability. For what increase you experience in cost, you receive far more quality and durability in return. These sleeves are not only well crafted, in their design. But also very well made in terms of craftsmanship as well. No loose threads on the seam work, no misshapen printing of the labels. Everything just looks good.

My only dislike in the build is the tags that come on each sleeve. Full disclosure, I’m the kind of guy who removes the tag from his t-shirt before ever wearing it. So this may be a mute point for some. But for anyone out there who likes to live the tagless life, these tags may get on your nerves. It’s not that they get in the way, or dig into your knees, it’s just that they’re there. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, who cares … then just consider it a 10/10!

While I could remove them with an Exacto knife, I fear that removing the tag could potentially damage the stitching, so as such, the tags stay.

Overall: 9.7/10

Anyone who claims people just buy Rehband sleeves because they’re a recognized brand name in the category obviously hasn’t ever tried a pair on. They truly are worth every penny and are a wise investment for athletes at any level. Remember knee sleeves aren’t just for if you have a pre-existing knee injury, but also primarily to offer that warmth and guiding support as you work through your movements. The RX Knee Support 5mm is one of many products that Rehband makes. We hope to continue bringing you more reviews of their products in the future to help in your decision-making process.

These sleeves are available from a number of outlets including:

Rogue Fitness

About Rehband

There’s some pretty cool history behind Rehband that explains why they make such awesome sleeves. Rehband was acquired by Ottobock in 1994, a global leader in prosthetics, orthotics, and mobility solutions. A majority of Rehband’s products are classified as medical products, meaning they comply with relevant standards for the product’s intended use. This is part of what sets Rehband’s products above the rest. They produce FDA approved medical devices and are also the official knee sleeve provider of USA Weightlifting.

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