Metcons at Midnight | The rise of 24-hr Fitness

Do you follow your own gym programming? Maybe you are an OPEX athlete, or follow CompTrain, Outlaw Way, Brand X, or other programming? Or maybe you have a remote coach? From Ohio to Arizona, the concept of a 24-hr access CrossFit gym is on the rise. Who would have thought there would ever be a need to try Fran at 2 AM, but there is. Here is a few gyms around the US looking to make that possible.

Octane CrossFit | Arizona

Octane CrossFit’s mission is to build a community of driven individuals that strive to be strong, healthier, and more confident than yesterday. Definitely a noble vision, and one that carries over into their 24/7/365 access model.

Led by Regan Doele, the Phoenix Arizona affiliate decided they wanted to open their facility to those who were following specific programming or had a need to train at odd hours.

Leveraging technology through the Hybrid Affiliate Foundation (HybridAF), it allows Regan to offer 24-hr service to his members. HybridAF is an app based technology which provides essentially “key card” style access to gyms like Octane CF. Walk up to the door, open the app, and press the button to unlock the gym. Simple as that.

The app has several safety features, such as rules around what equipment or lifts an athlete isn’t allowed to use if they’re the only one in the gym which keeps the experience safe and easy to follow. Regan said they “immediately began seeing returns” on installing this system in his gym, which shows that there’s a demand for services like this.

Primal Fitness | Ohio

Primal Fitness owner Craig Nolletti broke ground Monday morning on a new workout facility marking the third expansion in Ashland for Nolletti in just 3 ½ years.

“I never really thought we would be here,” Nolletti said before the ceremonial groundbreaking. “When you first open a business you just hope to survive. You’re not really thinking about making a ton of money or building a building or anything like that.”

“But just working at it every day, whether it’s Facebook posts, or whether it’s buying a truckload of equipment or bringing in 10 new members. Just doing something every single day.”

Nolletti is investing $1.360 million at the 1.994-acre site to construct a 20,000-square-foot gym that will include 8,000 square feet for a CrossFit 419 gym, another 12,000 square feet for a 24-hr fitness gym and 100 parking spaces.

Construction on the new facility is expected to be complete in October or November.

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