Laura Horvath is the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games’ Rookie of the Year

On August 1st, few would have predicted the dramatic 2nd place finish of CrossFit Games Rookie Laura Horvath. The 21-year-old Hungarian athlete blew away the competition with apparent ease. Besting athletes with far more experience under their belts.

Not only was Laura a rookie in the 2018 Games, she was also the youngest female athlete in competition. She may have been the youngest, but it wasn’t long before her name was on everyone’s lips.

With several prominent finishes, including taking first in both the “Two-Stroke Pull” and “Aeneas“, Horvath stood a chance early on to be positioned to take a win at the CrossFit Games. But by Event 4, Toomey had begun her ascent in the ranks to reclaim her title and first place overall.

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Laura Horvath | Rookie of the Year

You can watch her being presented with the award in the clip below, right after CrossFit Mayhem gets their gold medals for the team competition. Horvath’s section begins at 4:31:59. This is most certainly not the last we’ll be seeing of Horvath. Taking second overall as a 21-year-old rookie is clearly no small task.

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