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Have you ever struggled to drop-in to a CrossFit class while traveling? If so you’ve likely experienced the long tedious process of pulling up all the local boxes on Google, visiting their websites, searching for what their schedule is, and finding out whether or not they have room for you to drop-in or not. These frustrations have been solved by a new web-based platform, called Franfindr.

Built by box owners for athletes and gym owners alike. Franfindr simplifies the entire process of dropping in while on the road. Created by Eric & Christi Barber, owners of CrossFit Currie Barracks in Calgary Alberta. Franfindr is your one-stop-shop for finding out everything you need to know about CrossFit boxes in your local area.

What is Franfindr?

Franfindr was born out of frustration. “My wife and I travel a lot,” Eric said, “and dropping into CrossFit boxes has always been a struggle. I’d go on Google Maps and then open all of the gym’s websites that were nearby. Filter through all of their pages to see their workouts, check the schedule, drop-in policy, etc.” For anyone who’s traveled and wanted to find a gym, this is a tale they know all too well. “I’d have to send an email and cross my fingers hoping that they would get back to me and time. Some, some are quick and it’s great, and some don’t reply all” he continued.

There had to be an easier way. So Eric came up with an idea of a mapping site with limited but important information for traveling CrossFitters that were either in town for work or for fun. That’s how Franfindr came to be.

Franfindr | for athletes

A simple and intuitive interface allows the user to see where all the closest gyms are to their location at a glance.

Simply pin your location, or you can search where you’re going. For example, imagine you were flying into Toronto, you would just put in the hotel you’re staying in. Franfindr would pin you on the map and then show all the gyms that are nearby. With just a quick click you’ll see the gym’s location and address, drop-in fee, their workout of the day. All you have to do is click whatever class you want to drop into and then you can pay and get a real-time confirmation with a signed waiver and you’re good to go.

Franfindr provides a clean and simple interface for selecting and paying for your drop-in fee.

Payment for the drop-in is easy. Users upload their payment information on Franfindr’s secure platform making payment of the drop-in fee super easy for the athlete. The best part is it doesn’t cost you, the athlete, anything extra. So you get all the benefits of the platform, for free. Similar services make you the athlete pay up to $5 extra, above the regular drop-in fee, which for frequent flyers, adds up. Which to me makes no sense at all. The athlete is already paying to workout. Why have to pay more for the service?

Perks for the Travelling CrossFitter:
– Boxes added every day! Your drop-in life just got a whole lot easier.
– Featured boxes & colored pins for different types of gyms
– Box reviews by traveling CrossFitters just like you
– Photos and/or video walk-through
– Ride-share service integration
– Rewards, Contests & more

Franfindr | for gym owners

Running a gym is a lot like running an airline. You have a number of seats to fill, and even though a certain number of athletes said they’d be there, life happens, and you have slots you want to be filled. The bonus of a platform like Franfindr is that for $3, they take the hassle out of it for you. So you can focus on coaching your class or running the business.

As an affiliate owner himself, Eric knows the frustrations all too well. The last-minute rush to process payments, fill out waivers, etc. “I think we’ve taken away all of the headaches for the affiliate owner. We put all of their information on the site, they don’t actually have to do anything. They just have to confirm that what Franfindr has is correct.” After that, Franfindr collects the drop-in payment and sends it to affiliate directly.

We’ve all seen it happen, “the class was slammed, running a little bit late, so the coach just says ‘we’ll just get you next time.'” That sounds great to an athlete, but not a gym owner. Lost revenue is a serious concern to most business owners, the Franfindr platform removes that risk and ensures both the athlete and gym owner has a smooth experience. With payment and a signed a waiver already completed, all there is left to do is coach their class.

Plus, if nobody uses it. It doesn’t cost you, the gym owner, anything. Only when an athlete purchases a drop-in is there a $3 fee (of which $1 is credit card processing fees).

Perks for Box Owners:
– Payment integration (so the drop-in funds are deposited directly into your account)
– Software integration so we can ensure you don’t hit your class caps
– Updated user profiles so you know a more about the athlete that is going to drop-in

Franfindr | Coming to a city near you

Clear and easy to understand drop-in policies and helpful directions to the gym.

Franfindr is currently serving Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina. With plans to expand into B.C, Ontario, and Eastern Canada by the end of the summer. After that, Franfindr will be making its way into major cities in the United States as well. It won’t stop there. With nearly 14,000 affiliates worldwide, Eric plans to extend his service to as many of those boxes as physically possible. So even if your next travel destination isn’t on the platform yet, there’s no telling how soon it may be there.

If you’re a gym owner, or a traveling athlete, sign up for an account with Franfindr, you’ll be glad you saved the time and hassle of searching all over the web for all the information that should be at your fingertips.

About Eric & Christi

Eric and Christi owned and operated Emery Behavioral Medicine in Florida for 6 years. Providing top athletic training for Professional and Olympic athletes.

In 2011, they returned to Calgary to focus on building CrossFit Currie Barracks, the fourth Calgary Affiliate at the time. Eric and Christi have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best athletic physical therapists and chiropractors in the industry, and have a passion for spreading health, wellness, and true fitness to everyone they work with.

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