Emily Abbott – Banned from CrossFit for PEDs


CrossFit HQ just announced that Emily Abbott tested positive for Ibutamoren, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. The SARM compound contains powerful anabolic properties including boosting growth hormone levels without increasing. While Ibutamoren isn’t named on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substance list, human growth hormones are.

Emily has received a four-year ban from competing in any CrossFit sanctioned event, which means she won’t be eligible to compete until the 2023 season, which is essentially a five-season ban.

Sixth place finisher, Meredith Root will be taking her place.

How can this be?

The 4x CrossFit Games athlete, Emily Abbott is by far the highest profile and first legacy athlete to fail a drug test. She’s been to the CrossFit Games every year since 2014, and in 2015 she placed 8th which earned her a spot on the Canadian Invitational Team.

In the 2016, Abbott squared off against Chyna Cho for the 16.1 live announcement matchup.

At 29-years-old, Abbott will be 34 by the time her ban is lifted.

Just Emily? Nope

Unfortunately, nine other athletes failed their drug tests, which brings the total to 13 — three of those athletes were podium finishers: Andrey Ganin, Dean Shaw of CrossFit Valley Road and Maria Ceballos of Team Colombia Parceros. Frederik Aegidius will replace Ganin.

Here’s the complete list of 13 Regionals athletes who failed drug tests courtesy of the Morning Chalk Up:

  1. Emily Abbott, 1st West, Ibutamoren
  2. Dean Shaw, 2nd Meridian Team, Clomiphene
  3. Laura Hosier, 3rd East Team, Higenamine
  4. Maria Ceballos, 1st Latin America Team, Stanozolol Metabolites
  5. Andrey Ganin, 4th Europe, Exogenous Testerone
  6. Nuha Almarri, 34 Meridian, GW1516 sulfoxide and GW1516 sulfone, metabolites of GW1516 and oral turinabol – metabolic modulator and anabolic androgenic steroid
  7. Stephanie Araujo, 5th Latin America Team, stanozolol metabolite – anabolic agents
  8. Joel Munro, 28th Pacific, metabolites of GW1516 – metabolic modulator
  9. Rachel Campbell, 34 South, metabolite of oxandrolone – anabolic agent
  10. Kara Paslay, 37th Central, 1,3-dimethylbutylamine – stimulant
  11. Megan Benzik, 28th South, epimentendiol, metabolites of methandienone and oxandrolone, epioxandrolone, methanol, a letrozole metabolie, and amphetamine
  12. Carlos Castillo, 25th Latin America Team, LGD4033
  13. Gena Malkovskiy, 8th Europe, clomiphene, meldonium, and a metabolite of drostanolone
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