CrossFit East Woodbridge Disqualified

Earlier this season, Laura Hosier declined her individual invitation to the Games, in order to compete as a member of East Woodbridge. Yesterday she announced on Instagram that she has tested positive for higenamine. CrossFit HQ emailed Laura on Monday to break the news that neither she, nor her teammates would be going to Madison this summer.

Unlike competitors in many sports, Laura owned up to the mistake right away. Hosier had taken a pre-workout called “Impact Igniter” that contained higenamine. Purchased at a local shop she drank it without reading the ingredients and it cost her, and East Woodbridge a spot at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

The whole team is now disqualified. No word yet on who will take the spot. Also, no word yet whether Hosier also received a multi-year ban that usually accompanies positive drug test.

This is yet another reminder to all athletes looking to compete at the Regionals & Games level within CrossFit – know what’s going in your mouth! In this case, Laura and her entire team are suffering due to a simple oversight in the ingredients of a pre-workout supplement. It’s an athlete’s responsibility and one that has been overlooked several times in the past few years. Hopefully as time goes on we will see fewer and fewer of these types of missteps.

For more information on banned substances check out this post and ebook by CrossFit Invictus. 

Also, see the official Games Rulebook and Drug Policy

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