Brian Shaw’s insane $620 / 60,000 calorie weekly shopping list

Groceries are one of the more expensive investments for strongman competitors. Earlier this week, four-time World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw posted a video of his insane weekly shopping list. It’s incredible. He spends $622 for only 5-days worth of food.

Brian, a 423lb strongman, has been outspoken about his 12,000+ calorie diet and has described his heavy diet as a necessary evil. “I normally take this trip at least once a week, sometimes I go twice a week because I like to have fresh meat,” he said. He noted that it’s obviously not a cost effective way to eat, but that “it’s the cost of doing business, part of being a strongman,” he said.

Check out the video he released earlier this week.


In addition to a plethora of fruit and vegetables, the 36-year-old buys over 30 pounds of meat (just for himself). “It’s a lot of fuel really, but it’s what it takes, it’s what I have to do. With all of the training and hard work I put in, I have to fuel my body up,” he said.

Competing at the top echelon of strongman requires an immense amount of strength. That immense strength requires arduous training, and the fuel to achieve it. It’s really interesting to see these videos from athletes like Brian and get a real humbling when it comes to how much we consume each day, which for most is nowhere remotely close.

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