BREAKING: Jonne Koski to sit out 2018 CrossFit Games Season!

Unfortunately I’m not taking part in this years CrossFit Games season and I won’t be doing the Open for the first time in 5 years.” ~  Jonne Koski

“For the past 2-years I was trying to get my knee better by putting a lot of extra effort on warm-ups,recovery, rehab and changing the movement patterns. Unfortunately, the problems wouldn’t go away and even if I was able to work around the issue most of the time and maintain decent strength levels I felt that I wasn’t able to get better and reach the level that I wanted to and it frustrated me.

Last year after the games I had 2 knee surgeries to remove nagging scar tissue that had built up from previous injuries. MRI also showed that I had a tear in my vastus lateralis tendon which has made the recovery a bit slower but has healed well by now.

I was hoping that I would be able to compete the 2018 season but my recovery is still in progress and I needed to allow myself more time to heal fully before competing again.
Sucks hard to be on the sidelines but I have put my goals to 2019 and started training already. I’m confident that it will be my best year so far!
Good luck to everyone competing in the #crossfitgamesopen2018 See you next year!”

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