Ben Smith Qualifies for 10th Consecutive CrossFit Games

Since the early days on the Castro Ranch in Aromas, CA, the CrossFit Games has grown into an international event with thousands of athletes attempting each year to earn a spot to Regionals, to qualify to compete at the Games. One man stands above the rest, having qualified for 10 consecutive Games, Ben Smith.

@bsmit13 is letting the escalator do the work, but not because he’s messed up from Murph. – Last year, Smith almost missed out on his ninth consecutive trip to the Games because a badly timed Hero WOD had him in very rough shape on Day 1. He said he didn’t train much in the week before the Atlantic Regional, and he clearly had not recovered when the competition started. He took 18th and 19th to kick off and needed an event win on Day 2 to start his comeback. – “I was in a lot of trouble,” the 2015 Games champ said of last year. “I did not feel good.” – This year, it’s a different story. – “It feels way, way better than last year.” – Smith has messed around with Event 3—brother @alecsmith8 is better at handstand walking—but none of the others. Oh, my mistake. Ben said he’s done Triple 3—at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. – “I just don’t want to put it all together until I need to,” he explained. – The reserved Smith wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the possibility of joining @beccavoigt as the only athletes to qualify 10 times as individuals, but it’s on his radar. – “I’m planning on making that happen,” he said. – If he does, he’ll be the only athlete to qualify for the Games in 10 consecutive years. – #legend – 📷 @crossfit204 #CrossFitGames #AtlanticRegional #Regionals2018 #CrossFitPhotoJournal @CrossFitGames

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On Sunday, Ben Smith qualified for his 10th consecutive CrossFit Games. At just 28-years-old, Smith finished 3rd in the Atlantic Regional to qualify for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. The 10 CrossFit Games appearance record ties with Rebecca Voigt, who also just qualified for her 10th Games appearance. However, Ben’s record is even above and beyond that since his appearances have been consecutive.


Smith, the 2015 CrossFit Games champion, made an impressive comeback this weekend after another slow start at regionals. Ben’s best finish through the first two days of competition was 5th (Event 3). Sitting in 6th heading into Sunday, Smith, the silent operator, ended the weekend with a surge. Taking 2nd on both events Sunday to move up to 3rd overall.

From amateur athletes crushing it with barbells in the dirt to multi-million dollar venues, sponsorships, and millions of spectators worldwide, the Games have not only grown in size and scope, but also in the level of competition to grab one of those coveted spots. As Games commentator Rory Mackernan once said, “Being a CrossFit Games athlete is basically a mental illness.”

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