Singlehandedly becoming a Master | Briggs is unstoppable!

Sam Briggs is utterly unstoppable!

Unfortunately, yesterday she announced she would have to withdraw from individual competition. Suffering from a fractured elbow and ruptured medial ligament.

Not one to play the victim, Sam did what we would have expected her to do, yet not many would have believed. She strapped up her arm in a sling, and completed the AGOQ with one arm! 

The AGOQ includes some intense movements to be doing single handed! We’re talking rope climbs, heavy thrusters, heavy cleans, handstand walking, and handstand push-ups!

So far it looks like she will stand a good chance of competing in Madison as a Masters athlete this year. Achieving that single-handed is super impressive!

(Images Courtesy of Sam Briggs Instagram)

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Laskey Hart

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